Katie Geddes and Friends

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Katie Geddes

Katie Geddes sings traditional and contemporary folk, country-folk, and folk-pop tunes. A deft interpreter of beloved songs, her captivating voice and velvety-smooth delivery bring new life to the compositions of writers such as John Prine, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Michael Nesmith and Lennon and McCartney. Katie’s latest CD release, We Are Each Other’s Angels, features an inspired roster of guest artists including Michael Johnson, Mary McCaslin, Don Henry and Small Potatoes, and has received extensive airplay across the country and around the world.When not doing her own gigs, Katie has been known to “moonlight” singing harmony for folk- rock legend Melanie and local favorite Matt Watroba.


Matt Watroba brings a special set of talents to the stage. His mellow voice, friendship with his audience, and knowledge of his presentations is impressive. Add to that Matt’s own special brand of humor and you are in for a most entertaining and enlightening set. You will feel his love of folk music, both traditional and contemporary; its writers and performers, its heroes and villains. Matt sings songs of compassion, inner strength, humor, and everyday living.

David Barrett writes songs about children. And criminals. He writes music about golf. And Norman Vincent Peale. He struggled for years, scrapping for gigs (and, in his words, “driving for checks”) only to become the proverbial “overnight sensation” in a field he’d never dreamed of storming. Barrett recalls, “In 1985, I was visiting a friend in New York City who was a writer for Sports Illustrated. We were watching the NBA Finals, talking about sports and life, and I remembered that I had written this song about sports and achievement, so when I got home I sent it to him. He took it over to CBS, and they called me up out of the blue.” The song, of course was “One Shining Moment,” the paean to endeavor that now crowns the NCAA Basketball Finals. A version sung by Luther Vandross pushes the song’s power to a new height. David Barrett: a handsome guy singing provocative, hauntingly beautiful songs in which he tackles lost love, high comedy and the physics of life.

Vocal trio All About Eve (Katie Geddes, Deb Wood, David Vaughn) offers up a variety of close-harmony pop covers and traditional and contemporary folk and gospel songs, accompanied by Dan Reynolds on guitar, David Stearns on bass, and Lori Fithian on percussion.